Overwrapping of atypical products

If you have an unusual or special product design that needs to be wrapped or packaged in aesthetic way, we can provide individual solutions to meet your requirements.

The use of envelope coating systems commonly known as cellophaners or overwrappers ensures increased safety of the packaged product, distinction among other competing products, and eliminating the impact of external conditions.

We understand the need for continuous change and diversification of packaging types. Looking to meet the expectations of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies, we provide economical solutions for foiling BOPP foil products.

We strive to provide universal and comprehensive overwrapping solutions that will provide:

Extremely flexible packaging for size-varying products
Tightly wrapped in polypropylene film, BOPP, etc.
Securing carton packages and printing on them
The freedom in the envelope system allows you to choose the appropriate bookmark according to your needs
EasyOpen system for easy opening of the product
TearTape system in the form of a ribbon for easy opening of the product
Attractive price while ensuring high quality of workmanship and compliance with machine building standards and directives.