Cellophane overwrappers, also known as envelope wrapping machines, are devices which are used for packing products in BOPP cellophane film. Envelope-type wrapping machines have many uses, primarily in the food, cosmetics, tobacco, and recording industries. Products such as packaged chocolates and sweets, teas, cigarettes, cosmetics, DVD/CDs, and playing cards are often packed using such machines. 

Wrapping machines are able to pack products of differing dimensions. They can be used as independent work stations or together with other machines after having been integrated into a packing line.

Cellophane overwrappers can also be equipped with additional side elements which accelerate and facilitate the wrapping process, as well as with film roll holders stands adapted for use with tear-off strips, making opening of the packaging easier. 
Manual cellophane overwrappers: - the item is wrapped with film and heat-sealed by contact with the heating plate of the machine. The film may also be folded on the sides of the item and heated again to achieve final envelope packing of the product.

- efficiencies of from 5-10 pcs / min

Manual cellophane overwrappers are an ideal solution for small production, or limited series of packages for which the purchase of an automated envelope packing machine is prohibitively expensive. 

Items are normally wrapped in such machines with transparent BOPP film (Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene), which can be over-printed and laminated.

BOPP film properties:

  • good weldability
  • high transparency
  • high shine and favourable mechanical properties
  • low water vapour and odour permeability
  • good slide and anti-blocking properties, enabling use in automated packing lines

Apart from its protective properties which protect the product from contact with dirt and moisture, the film also plays an aesthetic role; products packed in this film have an appealing appearance.


DELTA Cellophane overwrappers are very simple to use, economical, and intuitive. Delta wrapping machines can be used to wrap products of different dimensions. Three models are available; the 280, the 380, and the 480 for large scale packages.

These overwrappers are an excellent complement to the production process, and are ideal for packing limited series. 

The machines feature two independently regulated heating zones; the first is a heated wire for cutting the film, while the second is located on the front panel and is used to heat seal the sides of the package.

These overwrappers are an excellent choice for both small and large production halls. Their simple and intuitive operation, ergonomic construction, and unique solutions mean that they can be used to pack limited series of products at a low cost. They are ideal for cosmetics, DVD/CDs, and cigarettes. An additional plus is their lifetime guarantee on electronic components, and a three-year warranty on remaining elements.

Advantages of DELTA overwrappers: 

Intuitive operation

The machine’s control panel has been designed for ease of use. The operator can easily change and modify the operating parameters.

Low costs

An energy-saving system initiates when the machine reaches its programmed operating temperature. Low cost materials are used in the manufacture of the machine without sacrificing reliability and durability. 


Delta cellophane overwrappers can achieve efficiencies of up to 200 packages per hour, depending on the skill of the operator.

Modular construction

Every Delta machine can be easily fitted with additional modules, such as a TearTape system, components which fold the sides of the film, or an all-purpose drawer for simultaneously folding opposite sides.


Our lengthy experience with packing machinery means that we are confident enough to offer a 36-month warranty on the construction of Delta-Pack machines. 

Modern design

The machines are manufactured with high precision from the best materials. Modern design in conjunction with ingenious solutions make Delta machines stand out from the competition.

TearTape system

A unique solution which allows a tear tape to be easily added to any product, which can later be easily and quickly opened. Various widths and colours of tear tape are available.

Cutting blades

To make opening easier, Delta overwrappers are equipped with adjustable cutting blades, which can be used to adjust the width of the tape to the width of the film, or to make opening easier without using tear tape.

Adjustable film cutting blade

A movable blade mounted by magnet on the work surface makes it easy to adjust the size of the film to the dimensions of the packed product.

This tape (thread) is a narrow strip of film covered on one side with and adhesive layer. It is used for easy opening of packages such as packed chocolates, CDs, cigarettes, chewing gum, and tea without the need to use a sharp object.