Manual Overwrappers for packaging coffee and tea in BOPP foil

Envelope packaging of tea boxes is a very popular method used by most tea manufacturers. Packing the product in BOPP film guarantees the customer the safety and assurance that the product has not been opened.

DELTAPACK overwrappers are an economical and convenient solution for small manufacturing companies and an ideal complement to large manufacturers as a tool for example to prepare product samples without stopping the entire production cycle.

We strive to provide universal and comprehensive overwrapping solutions that will provide:

Extremely flexible packaging for size-varying products
Tightly wrapped in polypropylene film, BOPP, etc.
Securing carton packages and printing on them
The freedom in the envelope system allows you to choose the appropriate bookmark according to your needs
EasyOpen system for easy opening of the product
TearTape system in the form of a ribbon for easy opening of the product
Attractive price while ensuring high quality of workmanship and compliance with machine building standards and directives.