Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Packaging

High quality packaging and foil in the pharmaceutical industry is the foundation. The aesthetic and safe packaging of pharmaceutical and medical products is essential to ensure the confidence of the manufacturer and seller towards the consumer.

Protection of the pharmaceutical package most often refers to the individual packaging for products such as condoms, contact lenses sets, pregnancy test kits, etc. The use of the easily opened TearTape system greatly enhances their attractiveness, giving the consumer confidence and protection of the packaged product.

Opportunities and benefits of packaging pharmaceutical products:

High flexibility in packing of varied size products
Tight wrapping in polypropylene, BOPP, etc.
Securing carton packages and printing on them
The freedom in the envelope system allows you to choose the appropriate bookmark according to your needs
EasyOpen system for easy opening of the product
TearTape system in the form of a ribbon for easy opening of the product
Attractive price while ensuring high quality of workmanship and compliance with machine building standards and directives.